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El Mirlo Blanco

El Mirlo Blanco Restaurant is a wonderful family run business situated in the centre of Mijas Pueblo. The family Auzmendi, who manages the restaurant since 1968, only employs the best local ingredients to offer a traditional Basque cuisine and a select list of wines with the best and Spanish denominations.

Restaurant Mirlo Blanco

The restaurant, with two elegant dining rooms inside, is located in a typical house of the Andalusian village of Mijas, with the typical red tiled roof and white walls from southern Spain. Both dining rooms have a fireplace perfect for the cold winter days in Mijas.

The Mirlo Blanco restaurant has received a number of awards over the years. It is a reference on the Costa del Sol and is featured in many magazines about gastronomy from all over the world. This is no wonder, as the quality of the service and the ambiance are second to none.

During the warmer summer months it is possible to dine out on the open terrace which enjoys privileged panoramic views of the village and the surrounding mountains. Make sure to book in advance as seats on the terrace are limited.

The restaurant is located next to the bullring of Mijas. There are a limited number of public parking spaces available next to the bullring and behind the church of the Inmaculada Concepción. A bigger public parking can be found approximately 250 meters from the Mirlo Blanco next to the main square of the village, the bus stop and the town hall.

Restaurante El Mirlo Blanco
Website: http://www.mirlo-blanco.es/
Address: C/Cuesta de la Villa nº13 29650 Mijas
Telephone: 952 485700

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Eating out in Mijas

During your holiday in Mijas you will soon find out that eating out is a favourite past time in Spain. The hospitality of the local bars and restaurants, and the quality of the food are second to none in most cases. Being such a popular international travel destination it is no wonder, that Mijas offers a wide selection of bars and restaurants, ranging from typical local andalusian tapas to international cuisine from all over the world and there is certainly a place that suits all needs.

Eating out in Mijas

In the more international resorts like Calahonda or Riviera del Sol you will find italian restaurants, chinese, indien, japanese and some restaurants will also offer live entertainment. In the restaurants along the Costa del Sol you can enjoy lovely sea views, beautiful surroundings and international cuisine to suit all budgets. Read the full story

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Holiday accommodation in Mijas

Mijas is a popular holiday destination on the Costa del Sol in the province of Malaga. This little white village nestling in the foot of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range in Andalusia is an excellent choice for a holiday in Spain. The village offers a wide selection of quality accommodation, ranging from hotels, apartments, villas with pool and rural rental accommodation like fincas and cottages.

Holiday accommodation in Mijas

Whether you are looking to rent an apartment along the 12 kilometre long coastline of Mijas, a quaint townhouse or a hotel in the little whitewashed village, a villa overlooking one of the many golfcourses in Mijas or a rural accommodation in popular areas such as Las Lomas de Mijas, Valtocado, La Alqueria or Mijas la Nueva, this destination in southern Spain has it all for a fantastic holidays. Read the full story

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The Virgen de la Peña

The grotto of the Virgen de la Peña, the patron saint of Mijas is located on the Paseo del Compas close to the town hall and the public car park of Mijas.

Virgen de la Peña - Mijas

The shrine of Our Lady the Virgin of the Rock was excavated in the rocks by a Carmelite monk in the second half of the seventeenth century. The legend says that the virgin appeared between the walls of the old castle in 1586 were it remained hidden during the 8 centuries of the muslim domination of the Spain.

After the conquest by the Catholic Kings of the last strongholds of Granada, the capital of the Nazari Kingdom legends and stories about appearances of the virgin multiplied in all areas of Andalusia in southern Spain.

According to the legend Juan and Asunción, two young shepherds who were taking care of their herd, saw a white dove on the tower of the Castillo which transfigured into the virgin and notified the hiding place to the local authorities of Mijas. This discovery was made just before the Corpus Cristi festivity.

Such occurrences and stories represented a return to Christianity of the areas conquered by the Muslims. Mijas was totally depopulated of Muslims, because they never surrendered and were turned into slaves and expelled from their homes. These visions meant the religious consecration of the victor.

Patron saint of Mijas

The official festivity of the patron saint of Mijas is celebrated on September 8th. Every year 9 days before the date of the appearance the image of the Virgen de la Peña is carried in procession from the grotto to the parochial temple.

On September 8th, after the traditional floral offering in the Church of the Immaculate Conception a procession in which religious brotherhoods, authorities and a large public crowd take part takes the image of the virgin back to its sanctuary.

Today the sanctuary, a peaceful place and a popular venue for weddings, is visited by tourists from all over the world.

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The climate of Mijas

Due to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of Mijas is excellent. The average yearly temperature is between 18 and 19º with more than 2900 hours of sunshine and less than 600 liters of precipitations per year.

The surrounding mountains with an altitude of up to 1.000 metres protect Mijas from the cold northern winds in the winter months. In the Sierra de Mijas the temperature can drop below 5º in winter and the precipitation increases, especially on the north face of the mountains. The major part of the rainfall takes places during the winter months.

the climate of Mijas

During the summer months the temperature during day time varies between 25 – 35º during daytime and rarely drops below 20 degrees during the night. During the months of July and August the temperature can reach 40 degrees celsius and sometimes even more.

In the summer months it is recommended to take precautions against a sun burn and to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day (normally between 13:00 and 17:00 hrs.)

While the summer months are the busiest in the tourist industry in Mijas, spring and autumn are the perfect period for a holiday in Mijas. Spring is ideal for people who love nature or an active holiday (hiking, walking, sightseeing), because everything is green and flowers are everywhere. If you enjoy discovering typical Andalusian villages inland like Alhaurin, Coin, Monda etc. you should come and visit Mijas in spring.

For sun and beach lovers late summer and early autumn are the perfect periods as the weather is warm, but not too hot. The water of the Mediterranean remains warm and swimming is a pleasure well into the month of October and sometimes even in November.

source: Wunderground.com

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The history of Mijas

Mijas was originally founded by the people from Tartessos, a mysterious civilization of which very few details are known. The Tertessians were important trading partners of the Phoenicians, who were established on the Atlantic Cost of southern Spain since the 8th century BC.

Attracted by the wealth of minerals in the Sierra de Mijas mountains the village was frequently visited by Phoenicians, Carthaginian and Greeks sailors and traders. During the time of the roman domination of Spain, the village of Tamisa, as it was known by the Romans, was a prosperous little town. The marble from the quarries in Mijas was highly appreciated and marble statues and other artwork can be found in several cities in Spain and even Italy.

History of Mijas

When Spain was invaded by nomadic tribes of Germanic people in the 4th century AC, Tamisa also fell in the hands of the Visigoths who flourished during the late Roman Empire. In the 8th century the Moors conquered Al Andalus. In return for a part of the crops and other farming activities the Moors allowed the people of Mixa to preserve their culture, customs, religion and even their properties.

The village was conquered by Umar ibn Hafsun, a Christian leader in southern Spain from the 9th century during the period of the emirate of Cordoba.

During the time of the emirate of Cordoba, the village was conquered by Umar ibn Hafsun, who settled in the ruins of the Bobastro castle near Ardales until he was defeated by Abd al-Rahman III, the Emir and Caliph of Córdoba of the Ummayad dynasty in the late ninth century.

In the 15th century and as long as the siege of Malaga lasted the village of Mijas resisted the attacks of the King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile, the Catholic Monarchs; after the city of Malaga fell in the year 1487, the people from Mijas surrendered as well. Most of the inhabitants were sold as slaves.

During the War of the Communities of Castile, an uprising against Charles V by citizens of Castile, the village of Mijas remained loyal to the crown of Spain and was granted the title of Muy Leal. The town was exempted from royal excises and promoted to the status of villa by Joanna of Castile not much later.

Due to the intense activity of pirates during this period onwards and well into the 19th century a fair number of watchtowers, which can still be admired and visited along the coast of Mijas and other coastal towns along the Costa del Sol, were erected to protect the population from piracy.

source: Wikipedia

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About Mijas

The little whitewashed village of Mijas is situated on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. The charming andalusian village nestles at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range at aproximately 450 metres above sealevel.

Views of Mijas

With dazzling whitewashed houses, cobbled winding streets and breathtaking views Mijas has managed to retain much of its andalusian charm. Mijas is a popular holiday destination. The international airport of Malaga is only 20 minutes away by car.

But there is more to see than the litte white village high above in the mountains. Most tourists will spend their holidays along the Mediterranean coast. Resorts like La Cala, Riviera del Sol or Calahonda are popular travel destinations amongst tourist from all over the world. Wherever you stay in Mijas with our online travel guide you will know what to see, do and experience on your visit to Spain.

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Car hire in Mijas

There are different ways of public transport from Malaga airport to Mijas. You can take the bus, a taxi or the train which leaves you in the center of Fuengirola. Another option is to rent a car at Malaga airport. This will give you the freedom to go as you please and is very convenient if you stay in popular urbanisations in Mijas like Valtocado, Las Lomas de Mijas, Miraflores, La Cala or Calahonda.


Car hire prices in Malaga are very reasonable, but it is important to have a look at the small print and compare the rental conditions before you book in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you collect your rental car.

Most price comparison websites will announce ‘no hidden extras’, but fact is, that most people will find themselves with a much higher bill than expected. If you are spending your holidays in Mijas and are planning to book car hire in Mijas make sure to do a price comparison and check at least the following:

petrol policy

Many car hire companies in Malaga apply a full-empty policy:  Cars are delivered with a full tank of fuel that must be prepaid at time of rental and there is no refunds for unused fuel. The price of a full tank depends on the specific vehicle make and model, the type of fuel and the fuel daily rates. With this policy car hire companies in Spain earn some extra money, because the fuel charge covers both the fuel cost plus a refueling charge and possible service costs.

optional insurances

Most companies in Spain offer a fully inclusive insurance in case of accidents, but the insurance cover excludes damages to wheels, tires (including punctures), mirrors, windows, locks, antenna, battery, clutch and some insurances don’t even cover towing expenses or taxi bills arising from road assistance requests by the customer.

As a general rule, any damages to the rental car are covered by the optional insurance except when there is customer negligence. Examples of customer negligence are driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs, driving in unauthorized roads, refueling the vehicle with the wrong type of fuel, traffic fines, lost keys, loss or damage to vehicle equipment such as child seats, GPS, or any other detachable element of the rental vehicle.

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Hostels in Mijas

Compared with other kinds of holiday accommodation in Mijas there are not many hostels in the village. Hostels, called ‘hostales’ in Spanish, are usually cheaper than hotels and an excellent value for money.

Hostels in Mijas

Most hostels in Mijas are run by Spanish families or foreign residents who have settled on the Costa del Sol and earn their living by offering bed and breakfast to tourists from all over the world. Most places can be found in the centre of the old town (Mijas Pueblo), but also in urbanizations near the village or along the Mediterranean coast. Popular urbanizations where you can find bed and breakfast facilities are Las Lomas de Mijas, Valtocado and Mijas La Nueva.

In Mijas Costa hostels can be found in La Cala, Sierrezuela and Las Lagunas. Most places do offer a simple room with shower with sufficient comfort to spend a short break or a couple of days holidays in Mijas. Read the full story

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Hotels in Mijas

Although Mijas is a popular destination amongst tourists from all over Europe, the number of hotels is fairly low compared with neighbouring towns like Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola or Marbella.

Hotels in Mijas

The majority of the hotels in Mijas are concentrated along the coast between Fuengirola and Marbella or next to one of the many golf courses which can be found in Mijas. There are also hotels on the road to Mijas pueblo and in the old town of the village itself.

Mijas is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday in Spain and an excellent choice for all kinds of tourists. A stay in the old town of Mijas may be more suitable for people who like to discover the way of life in Andalusia. Golfers may prefer to spend their holiday next to the golf couse and sun seekers or families with small children a beach hotel in La Cala de Mijas or Calahonda. Read the full story

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