Monuments in Mijas

Besides its lovely beaches and natural beauty in the surrounding mountain range Mijas has a number of interesting historical monuments and museums to visit. The majority of these landmarks can be found in Mijas pueblo, but there are also a number of interesting places to visit in La Cala.

Monuments in Mijas

Mijas village has got an interesting history. Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, all these civilizations have left their footprints and part of their culture in this little andalusian town. Many of the historical monuments that can be visited in the village, like churches and sanctuaries, have a religious origin.

One of the best places to find out more about the history of the village is the Historical Archive in the Calle Mejico, or the Casa Museo, a museum with lots of historical tools related with farming, and the way of live of the people from Mijas over the last couple of centuries. Fishing and agriculture were important industries since ancient times as well as mining and the Casa Museo has got plenty of information about this.

Along the coastline of Mijas a number of watchtowers, which alerted the population about pirate activities can be admired. Without a doubt the most beautiful one can be found in La Cala on the boulevard next to the beach.

Mijas has retained much of its white village charm, with breathtaking views, narrow winding streets and dazzling white houses, which makes strolling from one monument to another one of these experiences which makes a holiday in Mijas unforgettable.