Bar Alarcón

Bar Alarcón in the Calle Lasta is a little Spanish bar and restaurant. Located in the neighbourhood known as ‘El Barrio de Santana’ or simply ‘El Barrio’ it is a favourite place for locals and tourists alike and many foreign residents consider Bar Alarcon one of the best tapas bar in Mijas.

Bar Alarcón Mijas

Bar Alarcon offers a selection of freshly cooked dishes, ranging from fish to meat, including the typical paella. If you visit Mijas during the summer months a dinner on the roof terrace of Bar Alarcon, which offers splendid views to the Mediterranean coastline and the surrounding mountain range should not be missed.

Like many Spanish bar/restaurants Bar Alarcon offers the possibility to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the bar area, but you can also go upstairs to the restaurant area if you prefer a more discrete atmosphere. Food is normally served by the owner, Francisco Alarcón Serrano, known as ‘Corro’ amongst the people from Mijas. His family runs the bar since more than 40 years.

During the Christmas period Bar Alarcón is a favourite meeting point with typical Spanish Christmas carol groups called ‘pastorales’, because in the weeks before Christmas ‘Corro’ organizes an annual contest for these folkloric music groups.

Bar Alarcon does not offer facilities to park, but there is car parking available at approximately 200 metres from the restaurant at the entrance of the village next to Bar El Niño, another popular place amongst locals.

Address: C. Lasta, 1 29650 Mijas
Telephone: 952 485245